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Wisper 905 Torque


We have designed the 905 Torque Crossbar with greater rigidity for a slightly stiffer and more responsive ride. Its sleek and stylish looks combined with sturdy tyres and lock out forks ensure that the 905 Torque is the perfect hybrid option to provide riders with hours of enjoyment on the road and trails.

The Wisper 905 Torque should be carefully considered before you buy anything else. Our superb Torque range of electric bikes has been developed by the team at Amps in Sevenoaks Kent to out-perform nearly all other ebikes on the market. Wisper Torque bikes are solidly built, nimble, almost silent, discrete, powerful, and very responsive. Astonishing value for money for the high specifications. In our opinion, a better, classier ride than any mid motor bike in its class. We would be delighted to arrange a test ride for you.

Wisper’s innovative software cleverly combines information taken from the bike’s sensors to provide you with a seamless and natural riding experience. The main bene t of the Wisper Torque drive system can be best experienced when setting off - especially on an incline. The moment you put pressure onto either pedal, the bike will react by gently engaging the motor. The more pressure you put onto the pedal, the more assistance you will receive from the motor.

Once the bike is underway the power assistance will gradually reduce until it’s needed again - such as when cycling up hills, entering strong head winds or if you need to accelerate. The ef ciency of this system increases the Wisper Torque’s range by up to 40% when compared

to standard cadence sensor systems.

All Wisper bikes are tted with a twist throttle that is limited to a 4mph walk assist mode whilst the bike is not being pedaled. However, as soon as you start to turn the pedals forward the throttle becomes active, by twisting the throttle you can achieve up to 15.5mph without the need to increase pedal effort.

The Wisper Torque is unique amongst other ebikes since it gives you the facility to turn off the torque sensor so the system can run on cadence sensor alone. This feature is bene cial on long at roads when continuous maximum assistance may be preferred.

Despite it’s superb hill climbing ability, our torque drive system is virtually silent and is almost undetectable with the high torque motor sitting unobtrusively behind the rear gear cassette. 

Product Description


Wisper High efficiency, 250W ultra high torque brushless motor and silent ride technology


Wisper torque and cadence sensors


Lithium Medium range 375Wh
Samsung Long range 575Wh

Assisted range

375Wh battery up to 50 miles
575Wh battery up to 75 miles


Wisper Back lit LCD display panel

Bicycle weight

375Wh: 24kg
575Wh: 25kg


Hand welded, 6061 Alloy T4 and T6 tempered

Frame size

18” 46.5cm


Graphite Silk


Suntour NEX/SR with lockout and pre-tension


Selle Royal ebike

Kick stand

Black anodised alloy


SHIMANO Acera 8 speed derailleur with 8 speed rapid fire selector, 8 speed cassette


Tektro hydraulic 180mm disc brakes front and 160mm rear


Alloy double walled 26” x 1.5”


Kenda 26”1.95 Kevlar high puncture resistance with wall reflector


Black Full length 


Front: 15W LED super bright
Rear: 36V light, power from bike battery

Rear Rack

Wisper’s unique rear battery rack, certified to 25kg

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Cycling can be a daunting prospect for many people. It can require high levels of tness and motivation to cover even moderate distances - that’s where ebikes come in. Whether you’re looking to enjoy cycling for the rst time, or are a former cyclist who has been a long time out of the saddle, ebikes provide a simple no fuss option of getting from A to B.

What is an ebike? Put simply an ebike is a bicycle that is electrically assisted via a motor that provides power to help push the bike along. You still have to pedal, however when the bicycle senses you are pedaling the motor provides you with plenty of additional assistance. Who should buy an ebike? Ebikes can be ridden and enjoyed by any-one aged fourteen and over! Customers come from all walks of life and have wildly differing motivations for purchasing an ebike. Whether you want to ditch the car because you’re fed up with being stuck in trafic, want a greener form of transport, or to be able to cycle longer distances and enjoy your surroundings then a Wisper bike can de nitely meet your needs and many more.

  • Model: 905TORQUE
  • Manufactured by: WISPER

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